The Doing and The Done – 1/11/17

The Doing:

1. Accept that potential column in Magazine has been rejected on aesthetic grounds without falling into rabbit hole of self-pity (the one so prevalent within you these days) because they’re open to the occasional piece by you.

2. Attempt to explain to roommate why you were cleaning your medical shoe insoles with an old toothbrush in the kitchen sink and grimacing the entire time.

3. Prepare for civil trial coming up in five days without either collapsing under pressure and getting nothing done nor overpreparing to the point where you humiliate yourself that day and can’t answer anything.

4. Call Health Insurance People and see if you do indeed have health insurance and if not then why the fuck not and also why haven’t they told you shit.

5. Continue drafting next flash which really shouldn’t’ve taken this long and will hopefully not turn out to be a complete piece of shit worthy of immediate rejection and public scorn.

6. Draft next blog post because you’re sure everyone is tired of having to see these things back to back to back and are wondering if this hasn’t just become an empty void to shout into hoping for a meek response.

7. Eat lunch once roommate is done burning frozen pizza and it’s 2:30 in the afternoon, a time when most people eat lunch.

8. Decide what to eat for lunch.

9. Hey, The Book is a thing that exists, you should get on that.
The Done:

1. Got out of bed today.


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