The Doing and The Done – 1/23/17

The Doing: 
1. Turn bike into shop down the street this afternoon and hope it can start again in time to be sold because Christ is this fucking thing not going away without a fight.

2. Eagerly await Max Booth III’s new book which should be arriving by mail ANY FUCKING DAY NOW.

3. Apologize to roommates for being an insufferable twit in a brief moment of less-than-genuine clemency in order to get one of them to clean their dog’s mess in the bathroom which I skipped by this morning because I am lazy.

4. Objectively evaluate both sides of punching-Nazis-argument in order to complete possible political piece on time.

5. Immediately regret typing that on blog because of inevitable incendiary comment section that has avoided me so far.

6. Complete second chapter (or part, since it’s kind of long) of Book by weekend.

7. Enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in fridge and push blame onto “intuitive eating.”

The Done: 
1. Lay in bed unable to sleep knowing I will pass out in a half hour and be up way too early yet again.
2. Fill shopping cart on Amazon with enough to wipe out gift card.

3. Have first glass of milk in a month. Not lactose intolerant, just have to be in a mood for it.


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