The Doing and The Done-Pneumonia Edition 3/7/17

The Doing:

1. You’re on the home stretch of the book. Finish it in the next couple of weeks.

2. Find cheeky way of asking for beta readers for book because you don’t know how to ask for beta readers. Maybe if you mention them they will come.

3. It’s been a while since you’ve submitted a story, hasn’t it? You’ve got a few finished. You should get on that.

The Done:

1. Find cheeky way of explaining where you’ve been the last month. Two months. Whatever.

2. Take cough medicine. Drink fluids. You’ve lost twenty pounds in two weeks. Eat food too.

3. Loose plotting for next long work. Or if this one tanks. This one’ll have a better chance with beta readers though. Y’know. Just saying.


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